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The Breakfast Club

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April 22 In Hip-Hop History: Birdman Goes Off On 'The Breakfast Club'


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It's been eight years since one of the most memorable moments in The Breakfast Club's history happened.

On April 22, 2016, Birdman and his crew stormed up to Power 105.1's offices in New York City. As soon as he entered the studio, the Cash Money co-founder immediately told DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee to "stop playin' with my f**king name." By the time the crew went on-air, Birdman didn't hold back.

"I just come to let y'all know to put some 'respek' on my name," he said. "When y'all saying my name, put some 'respek' on it."

The entire interaction lasted for less than two minutes. After he asked "is y'all finished or is y'all done," Birdman and his crew immediately left the studio and hasn't been back to The Breakfast Club ever since. The rapper-turned-executive may have been triggered by a couple of things like Rick Ross' previous appearance on the show, in which he shared he didn't have a relationship with Birdman due to his legal situation with Lil Wayne. He also could've been upset about the time when Charlamagne said, "Cash Money would be dead if it wasn’t for Lil Wayne."

The interview may be the shortest conversation in the show's history, but the impact it made continues to be felt. There were plenty of quotables that fans still refer to eight years later from "put some 'respek' on my name" to "stop playin' with my name." You can still hear some of the soundbites on The Breakfast Club to this day. Outside of his distinctive outbursts, the video has also churned out plenty of iconic memes that go down in Internet history.

Relive the moment above and listen to what happened after Birdman left below.

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