Shiggy Teaches Breakfast Club Old Heads The In My Feelings Challenge

The creator of the viral dance to Drake's 'In My Feelings' stopped by The Breakfast Club to try and get uncle Charla to give the dance challenge a shot. After Drake dropped his new album "Scorpion" a viral dance trend was started by @TheShiggyshow a social media star from Queens and its caught the internet by storm. In fact, Drake's "In My Feelings" is about to go number 1. 

When it comes to making money off what he is doing he said that he is making money to some extent hosting events around the city, but the goal is to make money and build his own brand. He said Drake didn't reach out to him about this song or the viral challenge but the rapper did reach out to him when he started following him on the gram last year, but Shiggy did say that Drake does like his Instagram post.

When asked if Drake owes him a check he said "I don't think anyone owes me anything", although he did say he would like to do something with Drake whether it be a video or a sketch. However, in some ways, Shiggy did get a check because he is now verified on Instagram. Drake did the dance during his London Wireless Festival performance and Shiggy says he doesn't have a favorite just yet. Eventually, he proceeded to teach The Breakfast Club how to do it. 

Check out the full Interview below! 

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