Kobe Bryant's Kid Learns Fate on College Admission

Kobe Bryant's 18-year-old daughter Natalia has been racking up college acceptance letters, but there was one in particular she was waiting for: The University of Southern California. On Tuesday (March 30), her mom Vanessa announced the exciting news that she was accepted.

"Tears of joy. I’m SO happy for you Nani!" Vanessa captioned a video of Natalia ecstatically jumping up and down, dressed in USC gear. "I know daddy is so PROUD OF YOU. I am so PROUD OF YOU!! Your hard work and dedication was so worth it. You pushed through the most excruciating pain imaginable and you succeeded. I wish Daddy and Gigi were physically here to celebrate but I know they’re here in spirit. We love you so much!"

Earlier this year, Vanessa revealed that Natalia had been accepted by the University of Oregon; however, she expressed an interest in keeping her daughter closer to home. “I will do my best to keep her in Cali just like I kept her daddy here," she vowed at the time.

See the celebratory post below.

Last week, Vanessa and Natalia paid tribute to Kobe and Gianna with new tattoos. Vanessa got "Mambacita" written in cursive on her wrist in memory of her late 13-year-old daughter, who earned the nickname for her impressive basketball skills (her dad was known as "Black Mamba"). Natalia got "Muse" written on her finger as a nod to her father's 2015 documentary of the same name.

Photo: Getty Images