Tyga Opening A Virtual Restaurant.

Tyga's opening a virtual restaurant.

His virtual restaurant concept is Tyga Bites, baked, boneless and free of antibiotics.

Tyga's targeting 500 restaurants and kitchens trying to make enough cash to survive during the pandemic. He and his company will teach the chefs how to make oven-baked chicken tenders and he's partnering with Grubhub to deliver the food.

Tyga won't have a single, brick and mortar restaurant, but he'll cover the country. Kinda genius.

3 types of chicken and 12 sauces and he's marketing it as a healthy, delicious choice black garlic, lemon black pepper and peri-peri. He's also serving Tyga Tots regular and sweet potato and chocolate chip cookies.

This could be a blueprint for other celebs to start a virtual restaurant and help struggling restaurants.

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