T.I. Responds To Raven Symone's "Black Men Post"

Raven Symone shared the below post on her IG page over the weekend and folks chimed in leaving several comments! T.I one of the artist in the group picture responded to Raven with a few choice words of his own. Since then Raven has deleted her post and followed up on why, see below. The original post Raven shared came from an IG account named: Speech_ 

After I read the IG insert I asked myself what's my perspective on this matter. I believe we as humans are fault finders. We also have a responsibility to educate our youth and give back. With that said, would this post have gained as much attention without pointing out a group of individuals?  Are these men accountable for the environments they were born into and talked about? So many questions, so many opinions. T.I quoted Oscar Wilde " Every saint has a past and Every sinner has a future" is this not valid? These conversations are never easy as one's opinion may vary. However, it does provoke thought. 

#RavenSymone shared this post on her page and some folks in her comments are going innnn 👀👀Thoughts, #Roommates? 🤔

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@ravensymone Our sins ain’t no greater than yours ma’am. The air must be thin as hell up there on that high horse you sittin on. Somebody please let me know...WTF up wit shawty?

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Here's the original post that Raven Symone shared, see below. 

#KEEPPERSPECTIVE I listen to many of these brothers art and I respect certain things about them. But it is imperative that we don’t lose sight of the simple truth - these men were CONGRATULATED by a white supremacist culture for degrading black men and women, portraying us as disposable as a cockroach within their lyrics. They taught and glorified the drug, pimp, prostitution, stripper and gang game, and led many impressionable people down a path that they have paid heavily for, while these “successful dudes got paid! This is not a Diss, it’s a reminder, that all that glitters ain’t gold! True black power is not this, its despite this!

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